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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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incident which now these are is related to the first one that took place in the center bombing in the center which shattered windows around the city. ok don't you know the united slightly bottling there with the public address system. is rather loud because the gist of what you're saying right what is the mood at the airport the people you see the people you've spoken to. right the people at the airport being it's people really aren't aware of what's going on there's no sort of. thing so you think it is going to have a television or it is really the most important. because it is that no matter what it is calling out. it is going to begin to hear me above the din that what is happening the papal than arriving flying into the main airport there where are they going. because we hear that the train station is being closed. people are able to leave the airport and take trains they are able to take the train and then
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the latest news that we've heard is that the central station has actually been closed because this is basically at the epicenter of where it's all taking place so that it's no longer really an option whether or not people are aware of that or not if they are at the transports already it's not going to be telling about that but what we also know is this other incident which is that you know it's a shooting incident where people have allegedly been shot at one person has been to teamhair by police this person is said to look more region whereas police are also been saying people to responsible for the follow me are likely to be or. here's a sure report saying the police are linking those to that so late as we're hearing these two reports of course details still coming out. what is done in the logo thank you for bringing us what you know there from. port. now to discuss events in norway further let's talk to. the european m.p. for the u.k.
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independence party just about in the evening all four paws coming through all the roads and i know already some of linking the duffys promise that we all recall to strike back against europe could that be what's happening here do you think. that the last news reporter who was in the car on the way here about an hour ago before i got on public transport all i knew was that the bombs in the prime minister near the prime minister's office that there were couple of people have been killed people mabyn buried in wreckage and someone had gone on a shooting spree. with a gun so that's about all i know i know nothing about the origins of this and who might have carried it out so i mean i don't know and i couldn't hear your last report i'm afraid before i came on so i don't know whether you were able to. say well the number of anyone's claimed responsibility you know they haven't and it is early days now so you know first and foremost our thoughts are with the families and friends of the people that are killed in the people that are injured i'm not a lot of calling. calling but of course you do start thinking about what could be behind this it looks like it could be
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a coordinated attack the prime minister is saying it's a very serious incident norway heavily involved with libya in nato the thought is maybe some connection there. well. colonel gadhafi did make this threat that he might actually bring the war back onto our soil if you know if it continued in libya so i mean that's a possibility and of course but all the all the recent terrorist attacks around the world when i say recent i mean going back many years now have actually been the result of the activities of examine fundamentalists are we doing this not nine eleven but you know in the even in the philippines in the far east and in bali in places like that madrid london it's been the activities of fundamentalist islamic. terrorists so i suppose there has to be the first thing that jumps into people's minds of oh we can't jump to conclusions about this about who might be responsible and i suppose if there is a link to colonel gaddafi he would certainly be able to communicate with people
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like that and. facilitate such a thing possibly what do we know about the security threat to norway previously it's been a very peaceful place until of course you thinking back at that bomb in sweden late late last year but. jihadist terrorists if they were behind the attack how active are they in northern europe what do we know about them. because we know that quote i think quite a few of possible attacks have been for a while the security services in the u.k. we only hear about the failures we don't hear too much about the successes for obvious reasons and of course countries like. like norway or possibly you know sweden or denmark they're fairly soft targets i would think if you're coming under pressure and heat in places like london or paris madrid where these things have happened before there are spies from the terrorist distorted point of view it makes sense to kind of move to an easier target base price is a small countries they are very. tolerant society is so if you want to do
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something like that i'm sure they don't has a higher level of security as the bigger cities around europe and so maybe that's the reason why we see in this carried out in of course the anti immigration critics or the immigration critics really coming out in force saying or europe or maybe is encourage some of this the ideas of multiculturalism not really working bringing extremists to european streets. i mean that's something i can speak about because i know something about this and looked into it and i totally agree i think that in many ways we invited this problem because hand in hand with mass unlimited immigration into prices like britain and also into into places like denmark and sweden and norway is not quite as bad as asked but. a large amount of immigration we've actually also had this policy of multiculturalism and i'd like to draw a distinction if i can between what are called private multiculturalism and public state sponsored multiculturalism private money people who are their religious and
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cultural customs in private that's fine don't have a problem and i think you know i went to a hindu wedding recently and i really enjoyed it i really made me welcome on a lovely time the problem that we've got is with public states wants of multiculturalism and even david cameron mrs merkel president sarkozy they've all now admitted that this is a problem is where we have imported cultural customs into our country which are not appropriate in a western liberal advance democracy and instead of being very strong about this and say that's not how we do things we were pleased and let these people carry on with things like you know arranged marriages polygamous marriages all of these kind of things and introduce their past and in fact in britain i don't know about it also but in britain we actually have recognition of sharia law for some tribunals so it's got the legal system has already taken a foothold or hours and of course this is a road to ruin focus in on what's happening now tonight well these are tagged
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damage the a fairly wide perception of northern europe as being a safe place to be. well i think so and whoever carried that out that's precisely their intention because the whole point of terrorism is to terrorize you know the reason why we have all this security now in airports and it's inconvenient to go anywhere because of all the security checks that everybody has to go for is precisely the terrorist purpose it wants you to make you buy you want to make us aware that they can strike where we least expect it and in places that you know we we do expect it and i want to inconvenience all our lives they want to frighten us and they want to change our societies instead of being the source artie's that we were twenty or thirty years ago where we were we were much freer we were much more like back and relax we now have to be on alert all the time our personal freedoms are restricted we're inconvenienced all the time and that's precisely the purpose of precisely why they want to frighten and of course our it's very difficult to understand their rationale kavin some of the time because apart from apart from
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going in there seventy two virgins in paradise if they die in the attempt very difficult to see what they actually get out of this which isn't totally nicholas stick there about the european m.p. for the u.k. independence probably the program. i spoke to mark just last hour is history lecturer from oriel college oxford university says norway's involvement in nato military campaigns could be a reason behind the attack. the most likely explanation is that norway's involvement as a nato member in armed actions by and nato from libya to afghanistan will have been the basis for some backlash now whether that by flash comes from a libyan group or more generally from an islamic group clue to his whole story to region major involvement. is obviously yet to be seen and i have to say we should remember that back in oklahoma city mention ninety five one was a huge bomb a duel. it will be left to chanst it must be the work of islamic terrorists and it turned out to work a very question on the branches. of the u.s.
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government so with the proviso that we should not rule out all the possibilities the most likely explanation is obviously there's always political involvement. and attack on it and i think really for two is one is involvements and other is perhaps if the trash economic power of an islamic group they might signal as a soft option. if you think about a place like london paris. targets of terrorist attacks over the years even made quite dramatic attack on the prime missile has his own. members who call him you couldn't necessarily have such a little perhaps and i'm sure norway listening very peaceful very quiet for a long time where if you like any more involvement in the regions and violence is always in houses miles away from or own country. robin simcox is from
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a geo political research group then we jackson society a spoke to him too he says the developments in norway go only to show that terrorism can strike any place any time. all european countries are on a level of awareness for al qaeda inspired attacks but norway isn't someone that you've regarded as being especially high target the fact that the arrested took place in two thousand and nine were very significant for the fact that norway was almost not on the radar before before two thousand and nine and so i think and the fact that the the minister said this is the most damaging thing that's happened to norway says it all this wasn't a country that people regarded as being especially likely to be hits which also just reconfirms that this type of terrorism is indiscriminate and who it targets and and it goes to show that really any way is again target for the likes of al qaida if it is proved who who took at this time we know there are extremist elements within european countries who sympathize with the ideology even if not
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the full members of the al qaeda group the city i live in london has been a huge problem for this in the past so i think you have to do is that all european countries have to t. have to have to treat this problem with extreme seriousness it does because wall street been terrific the police the security services and law enforcement agencies generally tracking this kind of terrorism and he takes one group one individual to be lucky once and you have to kind of scenes that we're seeing in oslo at the moment so overall we can do is really talk about the most vigilant approach we possibly can this kind of terrorist threat because it is so serious. or if you just joined us the main news this huge bombs exploded in the very center of norway's capital oslo let's go now straight live to oslo and talk to editor in chief of independent news magazine the. thanks for being with us dogs appreciate it we know your mother in law we gather was near the site of the explosion you've
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obviously talked to her thankfully she wasn't hurt but what did she have to tell you about what she witnessed this afternoon. well basically it was like our war so she was thinking he was under. you know all of a song there was this big blast and people were screaming running around scared the smoke it was just like. what we have seen for of. cities around the world which has been attacked earlier. how shocked are you and your fellow countrymen and women tonight about the events unfolding in the in the center of the capital tonight. well as your colleagues there were reporting listening to correct that we have looked up our. peaceful nation. even though we are in two wars afghanistan and libya also
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people are rather surprised shocked. those people mostly on twitter feeds social. coleman in trying to not jump to conclusions too early. if this is a terror attack and it is early days in the say first and foremost our thoughts are with the family and friends of the dead and injured tonight but the speculation is obviously happening about who could be behind this who do you think might be behind it. well a little bit early i have to say though the latest breaking news is. actually the police officer he was going to this can and has been should he give. the politicians he is actually a tall and blonde and that he has according to newspapers a norwegian work. so this is this is rather or might be
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more complicated than we think of to tell there there are some reports that are already of the news agency saying that the police are linking these to. the guy making the shoot of that was shooting at this youth is reported to have been dressed in police clothing always think doesn't necessarily mean it's pretty easy or policeman though does it no. and it's of course very terrifying because this is not arlen so the kids they have to run away and swim away actually to get to get back to the mainland and we know that at least seven people are killed in oslo you know there are. a couple are reported unconfirmed begad at this camp but again this is the reason why this police officer he had to cross the river with
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a book and actually the youth camp they allowed him to go into the boat and go into the army because they thought he was just an ordinary norwegian police officer . yes her views are just joined this is a year later you've come to a hearing tonight where it was a year labor rally we're hearing there were seven hundred youngsters their age between fourteen and seventeen. the issue of immigration has been troubling northern europe for some time now critics and lax regulations could be giving a safe haven to tourists what are your thoughts about that. well personally i think it's a little bit too early to tell we should know. as numbers. especially the thinking this is the police officer is looking more norwegian. what's happening here are. mysteries so for being reported
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but of course of in norway a debates and discussions are going of course when it comes to of the more true little indian war on war and islamic extremism and. as you speaking there is a news wires coming through thick and fast we are hearing it is unconfirmed that a group has claimed responsibility for at least one of those events that has unfolded in your capital tonight we're hearing it's from a group called helpers of global jihad that's the latest that we've got through as i say it is unconfirmed sometimes groups claim responsibility for things that they haven't always necessarily done to get published the from it you know it still has to be confirmed it is very early days and we take in absolutely everything that you say there as well for now we wish you well thank you for being on the program. through the editor in chief of independent news magazine based in oslo thank you
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for bringing us up to date with what you know there thank you and let me tell you what we know that norway has been shaken by double terror attacks this afternoon first a huge bomb exploded in the center of all the. damaging parliamentary buildings including the prime minister's office where at least seven people were killed the prime minister was unharmed next a gunman went on a shooting spree at a youth camp and several deaths are reported police say they fear there may also be explosives in the ground as i said prime minister again sultan berg is confirmed to be safe tonight state secretary christian amundsen earlier went on the record to word that the situation quote is the worst his country has ever seen preliminary reports suggest a car bomb was responsible for the blast in the center a blast so powerful that it blew out windows over a one kilometer radius witnesses say they saw thick smoke rising from the nearby oil ministry building after it too caught fire police are evacuating people from
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the city center and the central railway station unconfirmed reports of just mentioned just going through the last few minutes say helpers of the global jihad terror group has claimed responsibility for at least one of the events syrian response to norway's involvement in afghanistan. meantime in a separate attack a gunman reportedly dressed as a policeman opened fire at a youth rally outside oslo just an hour or two after the bomb went off he's believed to have been arrested now after killing at least four. police have reportedly been sent to the camp where some seven hundred teenagers had gathered for a labor rally police say they believe there to be a connection tonight between the two attacks. well our own correspondent is there at the heart of blast stricken oslo bringing us the very latest as it happens a first time thoughts are there for you on twitter if you want to follow a twitter feed to keep abreast of the latest she's seeing it eyewitness report she
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tweets that people are being deprived of information passengers arriving at the airport where she is are being told of events there in all slow communications she says is failing is of urgency service the struggle to bring the prices under control the latest on twitter at r.t. underscore com we'll bring you more as we get it is our top story tonight. let's take a look at the other major news of the day a major u.s. credit agency says it will downgrade the greek debt to default status as a result of the second bailout of the country the plan agreed by e.u. leaders includes both government and private loans totaling around one hundred fifty billion euros the moves boosted the single currency for now but critics say it's only plunging the struggling euro zone into an even deeper death toll as more insight in the story cross to simon young is a journalist from. simon thanks being with us the second then for greece now a done deal but there are no guarantees are there and bring about the desired effect do you think it was a wise move. well this was certainly
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a step in the right direction and i think there's a sense now that the europeans get it they get what they need to do to solve the problems with the euro and i think most commentators believe that these measures will keep greece going at least for a few years and will probably stave off the immediate debt problems for ireland portugal but of course there's still the concern that the fundamentals haven't really been addressed you know what europe needs sustained growth over several years and you know major reform and that's remains to be seen if that can be delivered to greece serve breathing a slight sigh of relief temporarily at least all eyes are turning to other struggling nations too like italy previously considered too big to fail what if it really does fall into the abbess. well i think that is that is the question
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president sarkozy has been saying in brussels you know greece is a special case it's received this special support from the europeans that was agreed last night and other countries won't receive that but of course. you do we believe that i'm not sure that we do because it's inconceivable that the europeans wouldn't step in very and it is also i think inconceivable that even the resources now available to the financial stability fund the sort of nascent european monetary fund i think they wouldn't really be sufficient in the end if it was a sort of battle between the bond markets and the italian government so without wanting to paint nightmare scenario i don't think we're out of the woods yet and it was all all hands to the mill all on the grace now but this death toll gets deeper and deeper bailouts haven't really proved me. because the eurozone need to try
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something different maybe to bring about a reversal of its fortunes it's so desperately wants. well it's hard to know as i say i think what you're really needs to ease is growth across the board not just in is one of half of the eurozone but more convergence that of course was the watchword when the euro was introduced it needs to have that growth sustained over several years and also governments need to get really tough about reforming their economy tightening up public spending all of that is a huge agenda if you like to take on and governments have been putting it off for too long i mean those are that's the sort of responsible shopping list if you like of things to do and amazingly just in the few days in the run up to this emergency summit on the euro we still had politicians here in berlin for instance talking
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about constraining what the ratings agencies are allowed to say which seems to me entirely the wrong approach it suggests that some people still don't get it so an ever so briefly could make it a yes or no answer if you like to believe one day the euro's troubles will be a thing of the past. while i think i think so i think i'm i'm positive about the euro because as chancellor merkel said today europe without the euro is unthinkable the germans for one are totally committed to it so i'm a young journalist and develop thank you for your thoughts on the program being on r.t. . or i will i will be bringing you the very latest situation of those details coming through from norway over the coming hours here on r.t. you can count on the headlines and briefly shortly my name is kevin are in the headlines just a few minutes away next but it's business around the corner. welcome
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to business r.t. with me dmitri medvedev and rupert murdoch's news corp has sold its seventy nine percent stake in russia's biggest outdoor advertising use outdoor sells advertising on billboards public transport and other surfaces in russian cities the investor management buy out deal is said to be worth three hundred fifty million dollars experts say the real value it's closer to two hundred seventy billion due to company debt corp has had at stake up for sale for five years after the company decided to pull out of the russian markets the new owners say they plan an i.p.o. to recoup their investment. move quickly into the market screwed up as investors hope for growing demand a middleton is in europe and the u.s. will deal with its debt crisis also the international energy agency says it won't extend release of oil supplies with world supplies us markets makes the nasdaq is up almost zero percent the dow is this appointed by caterpillar second quarter
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results the stock is five and a half percent lower this hour european stocks were trading in positive territory all day long supported by the greek deal the new bailout should help cut the country's debt by six leaders of the e.u. empowered their four hundred billion euro rescue fund to buy debt of stress nations that's intended to prevent the crisis from spreading to other numbers here in moscow this is a closing picture of a friday flat and mixes a picture of the obvious is up point two percent one of my six is down a notch most stocks are seeing profit taking as trading came to an end trading of the week came to an end this take a look at individual movers on the my search was near managed to secure a one point nine percent in growth on the high oil prices v t v as other financials was down two percent at the close and interesting stock here is not overtax it's up one point eight percent at the close on real. it's in talks of the purchase of a twenty five percent stake in germany's largest gas and mark rubenstein for much
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of all i've seen says invest in the now shifting their attention to the u.s. more than to europe. or sort of positive open today basically on the back of their . euro zone package fresh aid package for the breeze approved yesterday and today we've seen their range bound trading within the fortran but now in the last the market currently is looking and resolution on their u.s. debt limit crisis situation which could calm as early as this weekend and that will certainly give the markets more reason to rally so for me for now i will be back next hour with more expect to have a kevin now for the highlights. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in
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india. the move joint people to. go to the grand imperial truly to talk. publicly and write this in the kenilworth photo treat. hello this is our team from moscow it's kevin owen here it's now a half past ten pm moscow time tonight one main story dominating the coverage norway. terror attacks several buildings including the prime minister's headquarters have been hit by a bomb blast in the center of also seven people are said to have been killed and several injured two of them critically unconfirmed reports say the terror group the helpers of the global jihad has claimed responsibility in response to the country's involvement in afghanistan meanwhile in a separate attack just
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a few hours later four people have reportedly been shot dead rally outside the capital. one other piece of news for you either leaders agreeing on a second multi-million dollar bailout for greece sparked fears over the deeper into debt deal clinched at the summit in brussels prompted a major u.s. credit agency to say it will downgrade the greek debt to default status. we'll bring you more of course but story from all slow very shortly again here on r.t. as we get the details and now more two on the phone hacking scandal that's hitting the headlines in our debate show cross-talk. guests about the affairs impact on both sides of the atlantic of the implications for the murdoch media empire. and you can.
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follow and welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle came in the murdoch empire as the phone hacking scandal in the u.k. engulfs more victims and politicians look for cover all eyes are on the future of news corp and its assets in the u.s. and beyond has the murdoch family finally outfoxed itself. and you can. see. the crossed out the implications of the phone hacking scandal i'm joined by kevin zeese in baltimore he's a spokesperson and lawyer for the government accountability group protect our elections and author of an open letter to the f.b.i. and s.c.c. urging them to investigate murdoch's news corporation in the us in washington we have dave south danae he is communications director for free press and in london we cross a toby young he's a journalist and author of how to lose friends and alienate people all right gentlemen cross talk rules and in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want .


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